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A tire change is a crucial service that ensures the safe operation of vehicles. It involves removing the damaged or worn-out tire and replacing it with a new one, maintaining proper traction on the road. Professionals verify that all tires have appropriate air pressure to ensure optimal performance and safety on the road. By entrusting all your towing and transportation issues to a professional, you can be confident in receiving a meticulous service adhering to industry standards and promoting overall vehicle safety. In Old Hickory, TN, the go-to contractor you can turn to is Rapid Transport Towing.

When Should You Change Your Tire

It is important to know when to recommend tire replacement to ensure optimal safety and performance for vehicle owners. One should consider several factors in determining the right time for such a change. Examining the tread depth is essential; if it reaches 2/32 of an inch or less, it indicates that the tires are no longer roadworthy. Analyzing tire age is crucial as rubber deteriorates over time. Experts suggest replacing tires every six years, regardless of wear and tear. However, frequent visual inspections are necessary since environmental conditions and driving habits can accelerate aging. Furthermore, professionals should educate clients about warning signs like cracks on sidewalls or bulges that could indicate a weakened structure requiring immediate change. Emphasizing regular tire maintenance routines and advising on seasonal transitions will ensure professional towing and transportation assistance in providing safe travel experiences for vehicle owners.

How Do We Work

The tire change procedure is a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance that requires professional expertise and precision. To begin, the vehicle should be parked on level ground and the emergency brake engaged. The lug nuts on the flat tire should be loosened with a lug wrench before lifting the vehicle with a jack placed securely in the manufacturer-recommended location. Once elevated, completely remove the lug nuts and carefully slide off the deflated tire. It is important to inspect the spare tire for proper inflation and any signs of damage or wear before installing it onto the vehicle using aligned lug bolt holes. Ensure all lug nuts are tightened adequately by following a star pattern and use torque specifications specified by the manufacturer to prevent over-tightening or under-tightening. Finally, lower the vehicle back to ground level slowly, recheck all lug nuts, and stow away all tools neatly. Our attention to detail during this tire change procedure ensures passenger safety and optimal vehicle performance.

If you live or around the Old Hickory, TN region, a go-to towing and transportation company you can always rely on is Rapid Transport Towing. We have been providing roadside assistance for many years already. Give us a call for a free estimate, dial (615) 288-4007 now!

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